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Lilli Millhiser

Fashion Stylist

Lilli Millhiser - Negative Underwear

Grow a Pair Tee in White

How would you describe your personal style?

Comfortable, classic, laid back. Masculine and feminine.

Lilli Millhiser - Negative Underwear

Whipped A-Top in Black

What elements comprise the foundation of your personal style / signature / uniform?

High waisted pants, jeans, solid color vintage sweaters, well worn t-shirts, vacation tees from my travels, v-neck Prada cardigans from The Real Real, Celine Seau bag, classic trench, various overcoats, penny loafers and cowboy boots at the moment.

Lilli Millhiser - Negative UnderwearLilli Millhiser - Negative Underwear

Whipped Long Sleeve in Black

What makes you feel amazing in your own skin?

Lotion. Lots of it. Not wool. Perfectly worn in t-shirts.

Lilli Millhiser - Negative Underwear

Grow a Pair Tee in White

Best styling tip you can share?

Trends are great because they help you become aware of something you’ve maybe overlooked, in a new way. However, don’t just wear something because it’s trendy – just because it suits someone else doesn’t mean it will suit you. And find a good tailor.

Lilli Millhiser - Negative Underwear Lilli Millhiser - Negative Underwear

Supreme Sleep Shirt in Ice Blue

Favorite place(s) to shop?

The Real Real, vintage stores around Williamsburg/Greenpoint/Bushwick, Matches, estate sales. Whenever I travel the first thing I look up are local antique shops.

Lilli Millhiser - Negative Underwear

Whipped Long Sleeve in Black

Favorite motivational saying / quote / advice?

Nothing makes me unfollow someone faster than an inspirational quote, but a motto I’ve followed since I went out on my own is “slow and steady wins the race.” I also have a quote from Polly Mellen in my notebook that I think is very applicable to being a stylist: “Adjusting, keeping quiet and always moving on. The push and pull of making one’s voice heard, but always listening, because that’s the game, especially when you’re not the boss. And, finally, never being a pessimist. Optimism always prevails.”