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#iamformyself part II

More than just a hashtag, it's our way of being. Less clothes, more confidence. Less concerned, more carefree. Less constricted, more comfortable. Check out our photo diaries to see how we #getnegative.

Sarah Slutsky

“I really believe you can be so empowered by what you’re wearing and that definitely starts with your first layer… When you have a good feeling about what’s on your body, your whole day is just bound to be more successful.”

Jessi Frederick

“It's okay to let your [undergarments] show. They're not always supposed to remain a secret, they can also be your best accessory."

Joelle Litt

“[What makes me feel strong and confident] changes all of the time. Sometimes it’s a very high heel when I’m towering over everyone. Other times I prefer to not ‘stand’ out so much — flat shoe, statement lip.”

e l s h a n e

“Confidence is the key to style. If you feel good in what you’re wearing and you’re radiating that vibe — that’s electric.”

Lilli Millhiser

“Don’t just wear something because it’s trendy – just because it suits someone else doesn’t mean it will suit you. And find a good tailor.”

Mecca James-Williams

My personality is what makes me feel strong and confident. What I wear is always a direct reflection of how I feel."

Gabriela Langone

“Quality over quantity. My grandmother gave me a love for shopping and buying beautiful things that lasted. She showed me how to do it right.”

Tchesmeni Leonard

“Knowing that I am honoring my feelings makes me feel confident and amazing in my own skin.”

Christene Barberich

“[I look for intimates] that remind me my body is beautiful no matter how I’m feeling that day, shitty or on top of the my body is a miracle, because it is.”

Sofia Karvela

“I feel amazing knowing this body delivered two divine kids and gets to keep them safe and sound everyday.”