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At Negative Underwear, we’re firm believers that less is more. We’ve created a highly edited selection of underwear that is obsessively crafted and accessibly priced.

For Women, by Women ->


When we realized that most lingerie companies were run by men (not exactly experts in bras, right?), we decided things needed to change.

We started off with night classes at FIT and then traveled to Paris to meet the pros – mill workers and manufacturers who've been making lingerie for longer than we've been alive. From there, we handpicked the best material and designed a collection of underwear for everyday life.

Oh, we also tried on every bra on the island of Manhattan.

Operating in Negative space

Unlike much of the lingerie world, we focus on essentials and ditch the rest. We don’t believe you need decorations, embellishments or pushing up.

Negative is committed to considered minimalism – we pay attention to what’s not there as much as what is. Everything Negative is made with quality, style and comfort in mind.

What we're made of ->

Whether it’s fabric from Belgium or elastic from Japan, we source from the same premium mills as any luxury brand you’ll find in the market. One big difference? We sell online to cut out the wholesale margin (aka you don’t have to pay as much).

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Here’s to feeling amazing in your own skin - no frills or fluff required.