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Photo Negatives

We’ve designed Negative Underwear to be lived in, to be partied in, to be slept in. Here, friends of Negative show us how wear underwear in every which way..

Into the Great Wide Open

Heat on your skin. Wind in your hair. Space in your world. You know the feeling.

Airplane Mode

Phones off, clothes off, a day in airplane mode, feeling all the feels.

City Staycation

Ain't no shame in a little solo party when you've got a PH all to yourself.

The Case for Staying In

The 'I don't want to leave the house today and I like it'-kind of feeling.

Chapter Two

Less frills. Less fuss. Less fluff. Less color. But no less confidence.

Introducing Black

A whole new way to under wear - uncomplicated, considered, minimal.

Nude v1

Sleep nude. Wear nude. Get nude. Feel nude. In the nude.

Squad Stays In

OK ladies now let's get in formation: Negative does 'The Staycationers.'