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Q: How do I keep my Negative in good shape?
All of our materials are super luxe. They're not so delicate that you can't wear them every day (because then what would be the point - right?!) but when it comes to wear + care - like with any nice garment - the more delicate you treat them, the longer they’ll last.

+WEAR: Bras (like boys) need room to breath (who knew!) It's best to rotate them on a daily basis to give the elastics time to readjust. Our rule of thumb: keep a handful of bras in rotation. More to support? More bras in your drawer :)
With underwear … listen to your mom + change it daily. End of story.

+CARE: Underwear and tees can be machine washed cold/delicate and laid flat to dry. Bras should be hand washed in cold water, with delicate detergent. Yea it's annoying, but so is cardio. Wires pop in machines and Tide frays fine fabrics. Read more on our blog post about exactly that!

Q: What size should I order?
We know bra sizing online can be tricky, so we try to make it easy(ier). Negative tends to run true to size for most customers - so if most of your bras are a 34B, it's a safe bet to start there. If you don't like the way your current bra size fits, shoot us a note: hello@negativeunderwear.com - we'd love to help diagnose the crux of the issue and recommend the best new size for you to try. The good news is that we always account for a round of free returns so we'll be able to get it right!  

When it comes to underwear - our sizing (approximately) runs as follows: 
0 = XS / jeans size 24, 25, 26
1 = S / jeans size 26, 27, 28
2 = M / jeans size 28, 29, 30
3 = L / jeans size 30, 31, 32
In between sizes or just super unsure? Our fit specialists know their stuff: hello@negativeunderwear.com 

Q: I can’t find my size, what’s up/what now?
Negative is just a baby company - we worked on our first collection for several years to refine every detail. We wanted to make sure our customers will love our line as much as we do, so we kept the styles + size range edited to start. As we continue to grow, so will our range. The more people who know, the faster we'll get there. Waiting to see something? We'd love to hear from you: hello@negativeunderwear.com. 

And PS - our garments are all made with pretty ample stretch, so you might try your sister size if it's available and see if we can surprise you with a great fit! Find out more about sister sizing below! 

Q: What is this 'Sister Size' you speak of?
Many women actually find that they can wear a few different bra sizes and still get a great fit. Wait, whaaaat? Yep, it was news to us too - underwire sizing actually works on a diagonal sliding scale, which basically means that the actual underwire used in a 36B is the exact same wire in a 34C, is the exact same wire in a 32D. Or, to go in the opposite direction, the wire used in a 32DD is the exact same wire in a 34D, is the exact same wire in a 36C. For real though!

So, in the world of all things bra fitting, your 'sister size' is when you slide up or down that diagonal spectrum - essentially going down a band size and up a cup size (or up a band size, down a cup size) to try your next best fit. It might sound a bit confusing, but it's actually great news if you can't find the size you'd like - try out your sister size (and don't literally steal your sister's bras because that's not cool). 

Q: You're sold out of my size - now what?
The good news is we hate waiting too - so you better believe we want to re-stock as fast as we possibly can. Stay tuned for our next big spring/summer delivery - due to release around June with our best-selling favorites, along with some new pieces and sizes too.

Want us to remind you? Any sold-out products that we'll be replenishing in the coming year have the option to add your name to our waitlist, which will auto-notify you once those items are back in stock.

And of course, if you learned all about Sister Sizes above, you might try out another size that we do have in stock and see if it works for you - you never know!  

Q: Which style is best for me?
We don't choose favorites when it comes to chocolate or children - and we feel the same way about our collection. Our styles were all designed with thought, care and attention to detail with the goal of helping more women feel amazing and confident in their own skin - bc honestly confidence is our jam. With that, we take the time to expertly fit each cup size in our range - whether you're an A or a DD, our bras can work for you.

That said, we certainly advocate for a bra wardrobe - one where you rotate across a handful of styles and show the girls some love. So, if we had to categorize our styles...   

Sieve: sexy + support
Do your supportive bras resemble your mom’s “unmentionables” a little too closely? Say no more. While women across the board love the Sieve collection, our customers in the C/D/DD cup range are especially drawn to the level of smooth support the honeycomb micro mesh provides - with and without a wire. 

When it comes to cup shape, the Sieve Demi is a bit higher coverage across the chest, while the Balconette is lower cut in the décolletage, and the Non-Wire is more open in the chest with a very simple shape (best suited for A-C/D cup sizes). Everyday, weekend or a special occasion … the Sieve has it covered (or just enough!)

Essaouira: edgy + coverage
You know those bras that you’re always worried about peeking out of your shirt? This isn’t one of them. The Essaouira name was inspired by the unique detailing of the textile, which reminded us of a Moroccan lantern. This one-of-a-kind fabric is our version of lace (or 'anti-lace' as we call it) - equal parts fashion and function. Customers are always surprised by the amount of support + coverage the perforated, open-hole fabric actually provides - especially if nips are a concern, it really does keep everything in place. 

Silky Black and Boa: comfort + cool
Are you part of the "I hate my bras" fan club? Immediately rip yours off first thing when you get home from work? We've got a bra for you! Our silky collection (which currently includes the Silky - solid black, and Boa - printed in black and white) is made of this buttery thin nylon material that truly feels like a second skin. The cups themselves are double-lined for coverage, and the underwire is so comfortable, you’ll forget it’s even there. Pre-warning: customers have frequently found themselves falling asleep in these bras and never wanting to wear anything else. To which we say: awesome, but buy a few so you can rotate!   

Q: Ok, convince me – are your bras actually supportive?
Absolutely! Negative is a brand that cares as much about function as design - comfort + cool is in our DNA. We think they should go hand in hand and that you shouldn't have to compromise on one over another. We chose to use underwires in most of our collection for that reason - without a wire, gravity can be pretty challenging, especially with larger cup sizes. That said, we also thought a lot about the structure and casing around those wires - very literally the sticking point for a lot of poorly made bras - in order to make them the most comfortable possible. We want you to forget you're wearing our bras - underwires and all. 

And, for our more well-endowed ladies, the Sieve collection is likely your best bet - we scoured the world for this amazingly luxe micro mesh that's both lightweight, soft and breathable, but also powerful in it's support function. Our Sieve Demi and Sieve Balconette bras are consistent best-sellers for our 32D/34D/32DD customers. Some of our best customers have a drawer full of them!

Q: I want more colors and styles and I want them now!
Ok, that wasn't a question... but so do we! Our mainly black launch collection was exactly that - just the start - and hopefully the start of something great! We wanted to keep the first collection edited and in line with our brand ethos, but we're always thinking about what's next. White was our second big push, and Nude v1 rounded out our core. We've got other neutrals in mind as we grow - as well as new prints. Have a great idea or a lifelong underwear wish? Email us at hello@negativeunderwear.com and we promise to listen. 

Q: How can I gift Negative?
Negative gift cards can be purchased here. Our gift cards are delivered immediately and electronically to the email provided. Gift card emails contain unique gift code links that can be copied directly into the "gift card" section at checkout. If you have any questions about ordering, sizing or styles, our gifting gurus would be happy to make some recommendations and find the perfect gift: hello@negativeunderwear.com

Q: Where do you guys make these dreamy bras and underwear?
Before Negative even had a name we spent FOUR years researching lingerie - trying on every bra and pair of underwear on the island of Manhattan, spending hours in fitting rooms (not the most fun, but someone had to do it!) We scoured the world to determine every detail - meeting with mills and manufacturers who've made lingerie longer than we've been alive. We didn't stop until we'd found the best of the best - every component part considered, from Japanese elastics to French hook & eyes.

We import these exceptional materials and manufacture our collection in Colombia - a free trade country with the U.S., which means labor and environmental standards we can be proud of. As a small business, we spend a lot of time with our factory, personally getting to know the women who work on the sewing room floor - many of whom are single moms in need of good, consistent, fair day work to support their families. We believe it's important to do good business while we grow our business. 

Q: Where can I find you guys IRL?
In most instances, Negative is sold exclusively D2C through this website and on the shopping app, Spring. If you're in the New York area, we'd love to have you by our showroom in Soho to check out the collection in person. We typically take appointments Mon-Fri between the hours of 10am-6pm (or so) - just email us to book a visit: hello@negativeunderwear.com.

We also host events and pop-ups periodically to spread the Negative love out in the world - the best way to stay in the loop? Sign up for our email list (blue bar at the top of this page!) The second best? Follow us on insta: @negativeunderwear - we promise not to disappoint. 

Q: What if I need to speak to a real person?
We get that and we're happy to chat. Give us a call at 631-316-8641 - if you happen to get our voicemail, we'll call you back asap! We try to be available for all live customer inquiries M-F between the hours of 10-6PM ET. And of course, you can always email hello@negativeunderwear.com at any time of the day if that's easier. 

Q: How do returns work?
Funny you ask, we have a whole page dedicated to Shipping & Returns - check it out here and feel free email us with any questions: bummer@negativeunderwear.com

Q: Why should I love Negative?
Let's be honest, most of us don't love our underwear. Bra shopping is a pain. The options can feel pretty limited. And a lot of what's out there is frustratingly bad - too expensive, too tacky, too uncomfortable, too impractical - and sometimes just plain embarrassing. 

We wanted to change that equation and raise the expectation. 
Underwear and bras that look good and feel even better. 
That serve their purpose underneath... and alone.  
Wearable for every day, but special enough for holiday.
High quality materials without the luxury price tag.  
They may be small garments, but we think you'll find lots to love.

Q: Why should I spread the love?
Because friends don't let friends wear questionable underwear!
Kidding aside, we know girl talk is the best way to get the word out, so if you love your Negative as much as we do (see above), then don't be shy and join the movement #negativeunderwear #getnegative  
You'll be in good company and we'll love you right back. 

Q: I gotta ask, what's up with the name?
Negative is all about taking away anything unnecessary - stripping down to the most essential bits. No bumpy embroidery, no itchy laces, no rigid seams. Our name is less literal, more philosophical - the antidote, the minimalist, the smartly simplified alternative. We define ourselves by what we're not - refreshingly not like the rest.