The Nursing Bra

For all the mamas doing the hard work. This one’s for you.

The search for the perfect nursing bra is over. Our best selling maternity bra was years in the making, and has been tried and tested throughout multiple pregnancies by our very own co-founders. After trying what felt like every nursing bra on the market, they were never satisfied. So the answer was simple: they designed a nursing bra that felt incredible on skin, looked aesthetically pleasing, and would provide the function needed for easy access nursing.

The Silky Nursing Bra is made from our deliciously soft and smooth buttery stretch nylon — the fabric has lots of flexibility, and adapts to your natural shape without feeling restrictive. If you’re looking the best layers for pregnancy and post-partum, check out our Motherhood Collection. We make the best light and stretchy tanks, long sleeves, and high rise briefs for the journey of motherhood.

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