Christene Barberich

Christene Barberich

Global Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Refinery29

Christene Barberich - Negative Underwear

Whipped Bra Top in White

How would you describe your personal style?

Having a mind of its own…always down for something new…or something weird. Lately, I’m going through a minimal phase…minimal for me.

 - Negative Underwear

Whipped Bra Top in Black

Tell us about what you chose to work with from the Negative collection, how you styled those piece(s), and why?

I chose the Whipped Bra because I love that it’s sexy in its functionality. That’s what happens when you have a baby at this stage of life…you’re drawn to things that serve a distinct purpose (holding it all in!) while still looking chic…

What do you look for most when it comes to intimates?

Comfort, functionality, and a cut that reminds me my body is beautiful, no matter how I’m feeling that day, shitty or on top of the world. A good bra or bottoms have to make me feel like my body is a miracle, because it is.

 - Negative Underwear - Negative Underwear

Whipped Bra Top in White; Icon Robe in White

What elements comprise the foundation of your personal style / signature / uniform?

Always a mix of vintage and new, a base of navy, black, white, and camel with lots—AND LOTS—of prints. Also wearing things in ways they weren’t necessarily intended like slips, bras, and dresses…I layer in strange ways a lot, not because it’s interesting but more because it just feels right to me.

What are the top three most important pieces in your wardrobe and why? If it helps you can define what “important” means to you in this context.

1) These tanktops that are technically for kids by Petite Bateau…they’re close fitting and have a really nice high neckline which is important for me.

2) Levi’s jeans in 505 or 501s in a 30-inch inseam…the perfect length and cut (for me) for flat sandals or a skinny boot.

3) Long printed silk dresses and coats for layering under and over things. I have many and I keep adding to the collection.

 - Negative Underwear

Icon Robe in White

Best undergarment-specific style tip you can share?

A Negative Bra Top under a blazer with a high-waisted pant. Easy and so chic.

 - Negative Underwear

Whipped Bra Top in Black

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