7 Days of Negative

7 Days of Negative

We asked our friend Coco - soon to be published author(!), fiction writer and copywriter extraordinaire - to style a few of her favorite Negative pieces and write about her week's worth of wear. She gave us the perfect summer-into-fall, I'm-wearing-my-pajamas-and-I-still-look-chic-thank-you vibes.


Supreme Sleep Shirt in Peach, Supreme Sleep Short in Peach, Prada Boots

“Some Mondays you just need to eat a slice of cake for breakfast and wear your favorite PJs in the day. This dreamy peach set has just the right amount of polish to be daytime appropriate with the help of a white tank and patent boot.”


Supreme Sleep Short in Peach, Acne jacket, Nike sneakers

“As what often feels like the only person in L.A. who can’t drive, I’m always on the hunt for comfy clothes I can bike around my Venice neighborhood in that won’t get caught in my wheels or inadvertently expose my underwear to the world. These shorts save me on a daily basis and are just the right balance of sweet and sporty.”


Whipped A-Top in Colorblock, Topshop overalls, Loeffler Randall ballet flats

“Mark Twain once compared the difference between the right word and the almost right word to the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug. This is pretty much how I feel about the right tank and the almost right tank (of which I’ve tried many). Stretchy, ribbed, and soft as a kitten’s belly—this is definitely the right tank.”


Supreme Sleep Shirt in Peach + White, vintage slip dress, Loeffler Randall clogs

“I really do think there’s nothing more delicious than draping yourself in slinky fabrics from head to toe. Cinched at the waist, this sleep shirt is the perfect layer for bringing this silk slip dress with me into fall. After all, who can resist one last helping of peaches and cream?”


Supreme Sleep Shirt in Peach + White, Autobody pants, Prada boots

“I think of this as the ‘bad Sandy’ version of yesterday’s outfit. Olivia Newton John apparently had to be sewn into her skin-tight black pants and, while I admire that commitment, I’ve opted for a slightly more low-key stretch vinyl flare to add a bit of edge to this lovely flowy shirt.” 


Whipped A-Top in White, Tucker pants, vintage cowboy boots, Belrio hat

“There are about as many ways to wear a white tank as there are stars in the sky, but my preference is with a pair of printed pants. The nice thing about a tank is that it’s a simple canvas you can have some fun with—which, in my book, usually means adding some kind of funky hat.”


Whipped A-Top in WhiteWhipped High Rise in Black

“Sundays are for lounging in nothing but my Whipped pieces. This wispy soft fabric feels very close to being naked, but you can still walk around in front of your windows without scandalizing your neighbors. Truly a perfect compromise!”

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