Ok, convince me - are your bras actually supportive?

Absolutely! Negative is a brand that cares as much about function as design - comfort + cool is in our DNA. We think they should go hand in hand - that you shouldn't have to compromise on one over another. We chose to use underwires in our first collection for that reason - without a wire, gravity can be pretty challenging, especially with larger cup sizes. That said, we also thought a lot about the structure and casing around those wires - very literally the sticking point for a lot of poorly made bras - in order to make them the most comfortable possible. We want you to forget you're wearing our bras - underwires and all. 

And, for our more well-endowed ladies, the Sieve collection is likely your best bet - we scoured the world for this amazingly luxe micro mesh that's both lightweight, soft and breathable, but also powerful in it's support function. Our Sieve Demi and Sieve Balconette bras are consistent best-sellers for our 32D/34D/32DD customers.  Some of our best customers have a drawer full of them!
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