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Valentine's Gift Guide

Hallmark holidays tend to be full of clichés - we're here with the antidote.

Instead of red lace

Essaouira, every time. Every bit as sexy, 1000% cooler.

Instead of champagne

Head to toe Whipped is the vibe of aprés ski in Gstaad without actually having to ski.

Instead of roses

If there was ever a year to wear a slinky robe and nothing else, this is that year.

Instead of a ruffled babydoll

Whipped Slips. Bc it’s 2021 and we can do better.

Instead of a sugar rush

A semi-sheer Peach set is all kinds of sweet and not at all saccharine.

Instead of a post-it

Buy a gift card, print it out, write something cute - et voilà! - gift + card in one go.