The Sieve Non-Wire Bra

Our best selling style. Super support, sexy-sheer, fits cups A-G.

It’s nothing new, many (if not all) brands have a unicorn — and the Sieve Non-Wire Bra is ours. Year after year, this is consistently our best selling wireless bra. In terms of wireless bras with support, this is by far the most supportive bra we make. Made from a strong power micromesh that’s semi sheer, airy light, and provides great lift — our magical Sieve fabric gets a lot done with a little amount of fabric (that’s right, there’s no padding, wire, or lining included)

We set out to create the best wireless bras with support for A-G cups and were blown away by the response. With almost 3,000 reviews, this bra continues to amass huge waitlists every time it sells out, and continues to garner amazing feedback from customers who have been on a long search for the best support bras. Featuring all the best components: straps that won’t slip, a band that won’t dig, and an open neckline is sexy but functional (aka no spillage here)

Pair it with the rest of our Sieve Collection if you like a matching set, and be sure to check out all of our bras to find your perfect match.

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