Stealth Mode

Take your favorite t-shirt bra, then make it cooler, but not in a ‘trying too hard’ way - that’s Stealth.

As a female founded and operated brand, we believe in making the most comfortable women’s bras on the market. How? We focus on the essentials and ditch the rest: we prioritize the perfect fit, luxury quality fabrics, and minimalist designs that combine a sexy aesthetic with incredible comfort. We hate compromise, so we set out to make comfortable bras that still feel flattering and cool.

While our collection primarily consists of unlined bras and bralettes, we saw a need for the perfect Tshirt Bra. Hence, The Stealth Mode Demi was designed, fitted, and obsessed over for multiple years until we felt it reached our standards of comfort, fit and design. It’s our first and only lightly lined padded bra made from memory foam cups that mold to your body.

The outpouring of love for our first Tshirt bra has been incredible — our Stealth Mode Demi has been awarded Best Tshirt Bra by New York Magazine and Real Simple. It’s supportive without being a push-up bra, and offers full coverage without feeling bulky. The underwire is flexible, incredibly comfortable, and never digs. If you’re looking for a bra that is seamless and smooth under white tees, this is the winner.

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