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More than just a hashtag, it's our way of being. Less clothes, more confidence. Less concerned, more carefree. Less constricted, more comfortable. Check out our photo diaries to see how we #getnegative.

Bethany Meyers

"I am strong because I am determined. When I begin to feel like I can't do something I start talking to myself and it sounds like this: 'you can do it, you are almost there, this is temporary, I believe you can do it' - I'm not even kidding, I tell my clients to do it too. You'd be surprised at what happens when you tell yourself nice things."

Chloe Kernaghan

“I consider movement to be my first language and how I communicate best. I tried for a moment a career that had nothing to do with being in the body, and it just didn’t make sense for me. I knew I needed a way to stabilize my world (in more ways than one) and when I made yoga my priority, everything fell into place.”

Francesca Valarezo

“Refinement comes with repetition: the more we live life, the better we get at it. My advice is to do what you absolutely love - not for fame or money - but because we only have one life to live and today is the day to make yourself happy.”

Heather Andersen

“I try to make the act of living an everyday art project. As a dancer the artistry comes from the tiny decisions you make within the confines of the choreography. I feel the same about simple actions like how you get dressed, the stride you use on your walk to work.”