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Nicole Winhoffer

Fitness Artist and Creator of NW Method

Mynx Low Arm Tank in White; Sieve Balconette Bra in White

How would you describe your movement practice?
Sensual, fluid, strong, dynamic, always changing.

Favorite morning ritual?
Water, mantras, dream processing, coffee, journaling, and manifesting.


What are the top three most important investments you’ve made in yourself?
1) Restorative Specialists. I see a cranial sacral doctor, masseuse, acupuncturist, and healer monthly.  I learn from them and I also use these as my self-care restorative practices.

2) Investing the money I had to start my three corporations for NW Method. I didn't have any outside investments, and used the money I had to create A Global Training Method taught all over the world, with NW trainers, multiple classes, hundred of private clients, 15 NW trainers and a streaming service called NW Church.

3) Acne shearling jacket, Chanel purse and Alaïa buckle stilettos


Essaouira Bodysuit in Black

From where do you draw your sense of inner strength?
Knowing I can do anything.  If it seems impossible, I want to do it.  There's no point in doing what's been done.  I like to create new things and see possibilities where others haven't.


Essaouira Bodysuit in Black

Words to live by?
“Do it over and over again until it becomes a part of who you are.” I believe in training the brain, just like the body.