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Francesca Valarezo

Yoga and Megaformer Instructor + Founder of Spiritual Rebel Yoga

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How would you describe your athletic / movement / fitness practice(s)?

I focus on intelligent body movement surrounded around building a strong and stable core. I love to move my body, because of that I teach yoga and SLT. I also focus on therapeutic yoga and energy healing. I truly believe that by changing our physiology we can change our psychology which is why I focus on the chakra system and realigning my bones so that the nervous flows in a more efficient way. As a result I have been able to learn how to manage, depression, body discomfort known as stress and mental blockages.

Boa Demi Bra in White; Boa Brief in White

When people ask you what you do for a living, what do you say?

This is a great question. For years I have been trying to define the answer. I usually say I do what I love - teach yoga.

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What are the top three most important investments you’ve made in yourself?

My education; I obtained a Bachelor's degree in International Criminal Justice in 2010, it really opened my eyes to many realities sometimes we ignore. My yoga teacher training, it truly transformed my life and gave me purpose. My diet, it has taken m a long time to figure out what serves my body and what doesn't, quality food is pricey but I definitely choose food over a new pair of shoes.

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What do you love to do when no one is around?

I love to practice yoga poses and cook both at the same time both in my underwear. lol

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What makes you feel strong/confident?

I love knowing what I am talking about. I feel confident when I teach from a place of experience. I always feel the most strong when I practice yoga and I get to experience things in my body first and then pass along that experience to my students.

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When you’re “performing” (in whatever form that means to you) how do you feel?

I feel in the ZONE. Present and alive.

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What’s your personal definition (and/or example) of #treatyourself?

To me to treat myself is to show love and kindness to myself. In New York, we overly focus on what people might think of us “are we cool or not cool?” #Treatyourself means to be yourself freely. So for example: you are walking around and feel like you want an ice cream, go and buy it without worrying too much about the calories or sugar!

You are feeling sad and agitated? feel free to walk into a mediation class or yoga class and take the hour to address your internal stuff.

Feeling “not pretty”? get a new thong and lipstick and make yourself happy!

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Favorite motivational saying / quote / advice?

I always think of life as a spirit having a human journey that unfortunately ends at some point. You want to be able to look back and laugh at your mistakes so I always tell my friends "Refinement comes with repetition" the more we live life the better we get at it. My advice is do what you absolutely love not for fame or money but because we only have one life to live and today is the day to make yourself happy.