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Modern Bridal

There's traditional bridal lingerie - white, frilly lacy, super delicates (often involving too many rhinestones and very little functionality if we're being honest). And then there's bridal lingerie you actually want. Pieces you can wear underneath that feel just as good as they look. That make you all the more confident on your big day. 

A good reminder from PopSugar of the one item not to be overlooked! 
When you think of the moment you slide into your wedding dress, do you ever imagine what's underneath? Don't let your underwear be the forgotten detail of your big day. Finding the perfect slip, bra, or panties is just as important as figuring out what to wear on top. Like the gown you choose, your wedding-day lingerie should make you feel beautiful.

Negative Underwear Nude v1 Essaouira Bodysuit, $200



Negative Underwear, White Essaouira Bodysuit, $200