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Start Ups - Real Talk

Starting a business is legit crazy hard work. You work 24/7 and then you work some more. But the reality is, there's nothing more gratifying. Nothing more exhilarating. Nothing that makes you more proud than seeing your baby brand start to grow and grow some more. 

Forbes was kind enough to ask for our tips (nbd... OMG), which we were happy to share. Big thanks to Leo King for being such a big champion of small biz. 


Negative Co-Founders Lauren Schwab & Marissa Vosper

Marissa Vosper and Lauren Schwab co-founded luxury online lingerie brand Negative Underwear, in 2014. The firm has gone from strength to strength... recently named the best comfortable lingerie label by New York Magazine.

Creating and expanding a business from their own pockets and ideas was not easy. But the two founders did so through a real understanding of their market, and differentiation (intimate apparel that is comfortable, sexy and simple).

They now want to encourage other women, and men, in digital to go for their entrepreneurial dreams.

Vosper and Schwab shared with me some excellent tips for getting a business going, as they are keen to see more entrepreneurs follow in their footsteps.

Here is their incredibly sensible, useful advice:

1. Do your homework.

2. Leverage your network.

3. Make sure you have a differentiated offer / idea / execution.

4. Maintain an open mind and continual state of curiosity – starting a business is constant learning.

5. Take advantage of the amazing assets you have for free (especially when it comes to digital and social) – and the advantages you have in being small and nimble.

6. Push yourself to be creative, and challenge the status quo wherever possible.

7. Surround yourself with people who inspire and empower you to take on the challenge. 

8. Find a partner you can share the hardships and successes with – it makes the ride so much better.