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Nearly Naked

Into The Gloss is our go-to for all things beauty. But when it comes to sleep wear? Looks like they also know a thing or two about what to wear (or to not wear) when it comes to bedtime...

As hot as it might be in your shoebox apartment, where your three-speed stand fan is parked less than a foot from your bedside, you can't sleep naked every night. There are a few inconvenient bits of life that will prevent that, like your roommates being around when you need to run to the kitchen to refill your water bottle at 11:42pm (it's hot, and you're going to be thirsty). But that obstacle aside, some people believe that you'll actually stay cooler by wearing clothing. It's a tough call—the nights when this difference matters are already so sweltering in NYC that it's pretty difficult to distinguish one scenario from the other. Sweaty is sweaty, so you can simplify this entire situation (and look cute, too) by settling on some quality summer sleepwear. No, not a band T-shirt. No, not that threadbare tank top and a pair of equally worn-in boxers. Sleep. Wear. Sleepwear—here are some options:

Negative Underwear Mynx Low Back Tank, $55