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The angels have fallen

The negative is rising.
Or so says The Boulder Daily Camera in their recent profile of Negative Underwear and our co-founders Lauren Schwab and Marissa Vosper. "Negative Underwear is the anti-Victoria's Secret, but it's just as sexy and luxurious. This new approach to undergarments is making a major mark across the country."

Not just because of our focus on better-made products at a better price with better service, but also in how we sell --  going against the grain of the traditional objectification / voyeurism portrayed in most lingerie marketing. Instead, "we're trying to take the approach that investing in your underwear is a form of self-love" - that feeling good in your own skin, feeling confident - these are new definitions of sexy for a modern woman. 

Of course press always makes us proud, but there's an extra bonus when you've got the hometown pride in there - a special shout out to Marissa's Boulder, CO roots!