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FORBES 30 UNDER 30 (%@!*#^*!!)

When your co-founder makes the 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30 List it's a big f*cking deal. With Negative and Marissa recognized on the Art & Style list we're feeling mighty proud/humbled/excited/blown away. 

Sure, we made it by the skin of our teeth (Marissa Vosper turns the big 3-0 this February) but we're totally celebrating every last drop of being 29 (and the enormous honor of being included, duh). And in case you're wondering, our other amazing half - co-founder Lauren Schwab turned 30 last August - damn eligibility requirements! 

A huge heartfelt thank you to Forbes for highlighting how we've grown our baby business the old fashioned way - without raising money - how we sold out of our first collection in the first few weeks, and how we're proudly going against the grain of traditional hyper embellished lingerie with our unique eye for simplicity, comfort and cool. Oh and that whole direct-to-consumer ecommerce bit too :) 

Here’s to many more years of growth for Negative - and to staying eternally 29 (at least in spirit!)