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In running a new underwear business, we're never opposed to stripping down - in fact, wearing less clothes has increasingly become part of our daily lives - just ask our interns! So when the lovely Cyndi Ramirez of Taste The Style came by for a visit and asked us to show off the goods, we couldn't help ourselves... Let's just hope our Soho neighbors were out for lunch! 

Wednesdays With the Empowering Women Behind Negative Underwear
by Cyndi Ramirez

Think about the most comfortable bra and underwear you own, make it sleek and sexy, then multiply that vision by 100. That’s how incredible Negative Underwear is; it’s literally the only underwear brand you may ever need to wear again.

Marissa Vosper and Lauren Schwab, the stylish ladies behind the brand, understand female form and make sure to deliver on quality, comfort, and ease with every piece they produce. But Negative Underwear didn’t launch out of thin air. The ladies, neither of which who had a background in fashion or design prior to starting Negative (Lauren comes from private equity and Marissa was a brand consultant),  dedicated years to research & development and even took classes at FIT to get their feet wet. This long journey has resulted in a remarkable product produced with love in Colombia and ran out of of NYC.

Now in its 7th month, Negative is ready to release its next collection and take on other exciting projects. We went to their incredible Soho showroom and chatted with the ladies about brand strategy, favorite eats, and whether they’re thong of brief girls...
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