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The next best thing to being naked


There are blogs and then there are editorial institutions.
The Man Repeller is the latter.  

In talking about Going Almost-Commando, as a man repeller would, right in time for New York Fashion Week, our humble little Negative made a guest appearance.
We're still not over it. 

Going Almost-Commando
by Amelia Diamond

...Finally, there's Negative Underwear: underpinnings brainstormed by two young women who “get it,” made for the woman who would rather go commando. The elastic bands of the bras and bottoms lie flat, eliminating any errant fleshy bits that could possibly poke out and destroy a good outfit.
The vibe is feminine, unprissy and cool.

All in all, a perfect solution for the paranoid hypochondriac who’s sick of lace but would rather die than be seen in a bad bra.