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To celebrate all things summer (and wearing less clothes generally), we partnered up with Esquire Magazine to throw a party at Ruschmeyer's in Montauk. Guest of a Guest wrote a little recap below - all we have to say is...
What happened in the teepee, stays in the teepee!

Guest of a Guest

Last Weekend's Hamptons Parties: A Look At What You Missed

On Saturday, the newly launched Negative Underwear brought the teepee (and sexy) back to Ruschmeyer's. The event featured music through Esquire Magazine's campfire session and instrumentals by Kaki King. Guests shed their clothes to try on the line and many went home wearing their new purchases. Photographs were taken using polaroids, capturing guests in Negative's collection of barely there intimates. Ruschmeyer's lanterns decorated the venue and the trees filled with snaps and cheeky cards documenting the night.

- Claire Peltier, August 18th, 2014