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Lingerie that doesn't suck

We've been obsessed with The Cut since basically forever. 
So when they came to chat about Negative and making lingerie that doesn't suck generally, you could say we got excited. 

A few little snippets below from the killer interview... 

What sets Negative apart from other lingerie companies out there?
Negative is underwear you can put on in the morning and forget about all day, because it feels like a second skin. It’s underwear you’re not dying to take off first thing when you come home from work. It’s underwear you love to wear and are proud to show off — for yourself or for someone else.

And our difference goes beyond product — with our brand (and business), we give a lot of consideration to what’s not there, continually editing out anything unnecessary in order to stay laser-focused on what really matters — and what remains. This applies not only to product design and brand identity, but also to our edited merchandise assortment, web design and UX, packaging, social media, and editorial content — the whole customer experience.

How does Negative “challenge the status quo”?
So many lingerie labels (especially some of the big names out there) display one version of sexy — super pushed-up, bling-ed out, lacy, and frilly everything … a very voyeuristic, pinup approach to sex appeal. Our brand is intentionally not like the rest — we took away the fake push-up pads, the extraneous ruffles, the excess ribbons and sequins, the imaginary boudoirs, and the Photoshop to present something much more streamlined and real.

We believe sexy comes from confidence and feeling good in your own skin, so we wanted to create a line that celebrates women as they are.

- The Cut, Emilia Petrarca, Photo Credit: Stephen Ewings / Frwd-Momentum