When the alarm goes off at 5am, I know the feeling of dread all too well. What on earth compelled me to sign up for a 6am gym class on a Tuesday?! I so quickly dismiss my personal promise to commit to better health and hit snooze... Only to spend the next 8 minutes wrestling with the lesser of two evils: swallowing the $40 fee for an unused class or dragging myself out of bed to endure the next hour of fitness-induced catharsis. This is the scenario I find myself in often, but the battle of wills continues. 

Not so this week. Heart pumping. Bodies jumping. Smiles beaming. I found myself a new way to motivate in the form of Daybreaker - essentially a full-on dance party with 200 of your closest strangers at 7am. No bootcamp. No burpees. No overly-caffeinated instructors. Just music. And people. And movement. All the benefits of a nightclub - without the night... or the morning headache. 

A revelation might be an exaggeration. But it certainly got me buzzing.